Neopiko-3 Water Based Double Sided Single Marker

Neopiko-3 Water Based Double Sided Single Marker

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Neopiko-3 Water Based Double Sided Single Marker:

Deleter NEOPIKO-3 markers are an excellent tool for the aspiring illustrators and professionals alike. These markers deliver a level of performance similar to that of other high quality brand name markers at a lower cost. Whether your illustrating on paper, garments, and other fabrics, the NEOPIKO-3 markers have resilient ink that won't fade, smudge or wash away. The NEOPIKO-3 is a non-toxic, acid free, water-based pigment ink that dries instantly. *NOTE* It is recommended that you store the markers horizontal on a flat surface to maintain ink uniformity inside the resevoir.

* Usuable on paper and different fabrics
* Dual sided tip which include a brush and fine tip
* Non-Toxic water based ink
* Quick drying

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    A-081 Apricot, A-055 Viridian, A-013 Pink, A-015 Cherry Pink, A-017 Opal Peach, A-018 Ash Pink, A-019 Garnet, A-021 Pale Purple, A-023 Pink Purple, A-025 Plum, A-027 Orchid, A-028 Ash Purple, A-029 Dark Purple, A-031 Lilac, A-033 Violet, A-038 Mauve, A-039 Eggplant, A-041 Pale Blue, A-043 Sky Blue, A-045 Cyan, A-047 Baby Blue, A-048 Ash Blue, A-053 Green, A-058 Celadon, A-059 Holly Green, A-061 Lime Green, A-063 Lettuce Green, A-065 Grass Green, A-067 Opal Green, A-068 Green Tea, A-071 Yellow, A-073 Marigold, A-075 Orange, A-083 Coral Pink, A-085 Red, A-088 Old Rose, A-089 Carmine, A-093 Powder Orange, A-095 Mandarin Orange, A-103 Sepia, A-111 Solvent, A-113 Gray, A-191 Fluorescent Pink, A-192 Fluorescent Purple, A-193 Fluorescent Blue, A-194 Fluorescent Green, A-195 Fluorescent Yellow, A-196 Fluorescent Orange