Haku - Wig 28'' Long Straight Layered

  • $27.00

Our Haku wig is a stunning tri-colored style featuring a slight wave and side-swept bangs. This style give you the look of a fun ombre without the price tag of a dye job and looks even cuter when accessorized with hats or hairpins and twisted into fishtail braids!

Product Details
- Fiber: synthetic
- Heat resistance: up to 350 degrees F
- Wig cap circumference: adjustable between 18.5 inches to 27 inches
- Measurements from the crown:
Full length: 30 inches
Layered lengths: 12 inches, 22 inches
Bang / Fringe length: 10 inches
- Part style: adjustable

Actual wig color may vary slightly due to differences in monitor calibration. Product details are approximated.

    • SKU
    • Weight
      0.95 lbs
  • Color
    Amethyst Purple, Aqua Green to Cotton Candy Pink to Lavender Purple (3color7), Burgundy Red to Rose Pink (3color20), Chocolate to Acorn Bown (3color6), Copper Brown to Golden Blonde (3color14), Cotton Candy Pink to Deep Pink (3color5), Crimson Red to Copper Brown (3color15), Flaxen Blonde to Pink to Purple (3color11), Hazelnut to Chocolate Brown (3color16), Indigo Purple to Hot Pink (3color8), Mint Green to Viridian Green (3color4), Natural Black to Lavender Purple (3color19), Natural Black to Mint Green (3color21), Natural Black to Sky Blue (3color10), Natural Black to Snow White (3color18), Navy Blue to Violet (3color9), Pale Blonde Fade, Sea Foam Green to Cerulean Blue (3color12), Silver Gray to Cerulean Blue (3color3), Wisteria Purple to Indigo Purple (3color2), Snow White to Scarlet Red (3color1), Select a Color...

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