Long Clip On Bangs

Long Clip On Bangs

Long Clip On Bangs

  • $8.50

Do you want to have the appearance of bangs without cutting your hair or wig? Our long bang clip in accessory is just the accessory that you need! Match the color of the bangs to your hair or wig to get a seamless, natural look. If you're feeling extra bold, pick a bright color to change it up!


Product Details

- Fiber: synthetic

- Heat resistance: up to 350 degrees F

- Full length of bangs: 12 inches

- Full width of bangs: 4.25 inches

- Snap clip size: 1 inch

- Number of snap clips: 2


Actual weft color may vary slightly due to differences in monitor calibration. Product details are approximated.

    • SKU
    • Weight
      0.25 lbs
  • Color
    Auburn Brown (30), Burgundy Red (m118l), Butterscotch Blond Blend (88-144-18), Chocolate Brown (6b), Cotton Candy Pink (t2333), Deep Pink (t2314), Flaxen Blond (88), Hazelnut Brown (26), Hot Pink (tf2315), Indigo Purple (t2410), Lavender Purple (t3815), Midnight Blue (t2511), Mint Green (t5527), Natural Black (1b), Peacock Blue (tf2512), Scarlet Red (red), Seafoam Green (t5126), Silver Gray (1001a), Snow White (1001), Viridian Green (bd), Select a Color...

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