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Neopiko-2 Alcohol Based Double Sided Single Marker

Neopiko-2 Alcohol Based Double Sided Single Marker

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Neopiko-2 Alcohol Based Double Sided Single Marker:

Deleter NEOPIKO-2 markers are an excellent tool for the aspiring illustrators and professionals alike. These markers deliver a level of performance similar to that of other high quality brand name markers at a lower cost. Whether your illustrating on paper, garments, and other fabrics, the NEOPIKO-2 markers have resilient ink that won't fade, smudge or wash away. The NEOPIKO-2 is a non-toxic, acid free, alcohol-based pigment ink that dries instantly. *NOTE* It is recommended that you store the markers horizontal on a flat surface to maintain ink uniformity inside the resevoir.

* Selection of 144 colors
* Usuable on paper and different fabrics
* Dual sided tip which include a brush and fine tip
* Non-Toxic alcohol based ink
* Quick drying

  • Color
    Y-600 Black, Y-553 Light Brown, Y-533 Beige, Y-507 Pale Pink, Y-486 Lavender, Y-400 Solvent, Y-404 Anise, Y-402 Pale Yellow, Y-405 Primrose, Y-406 Dandelion, Y-407 Lemon Yellow, Y-409 Yellow, Y-410 Marigold, Y-411 Vivid Yellow, Y-413 Celery, Y-414 Celadon, Y-416 Pale Green, Y-417 Lettuce Green, Y-418 Spring Green, Y-419 Apple Green, Y-420 Grass Green, Y-421 Fresh Green, Y-422 Vivid Green, Y-423 Ever Green, Y-424 Moss Green, Y-425 Elm Green, Y-427 Jungle Green, Y-429 Holly Green, Y-430 Khaki, Y-431 Melon, Y-433 Light Jade, Y-434 Forest Green, Y-440 Opal Green, Y-441 Baby Green, Y-442 Mint Green, Y-445 Tropical, Y-448 Emerald, Y-450 Viridian, Y-451 Pale Sky, Y-452 Saxe Bllue, Y-454 Aqua Green, Y-456 Medium Blue, Y-457 Sky Blue, Y-459 Cerulean Blue, Y-460 Peacock Green, Y-461 Ice Blue, Y-462 Light Aqua, Y-463 Antique Blue, Y-464 Steel Blue, Y-466 Oriental Blue, Y-467 Baby Blue, Y-468 Pastel Blue, Y-469 Periwinkle, Y-470 Salvia Blue, Y-471 Cobalt Blue, Y-473 Ultramarine, Y-475 French Blue, Y-476 Bellflower, Y-482 Pale Mauve, Y-489 Iris, Y-490 Eggplant, Y-492 Royal Purple, Y-493 Baby Pink, Y-494 Mauvette, Y-495 Light Purple, Y-496 Vivid Pink, Y-499 Magenta, Y-500 Cherry Pink, Y-502 Strawberry, Y-503 Cherry Red, Y-504 Sweet Pink, Y-505 Pink, Y-507 Shell Pink, Y-508 Peach, Y-510 Rose Pink, Y-511 Coral Pink, Y-512 Raspberry, Y-513 Poppy Red, Y-514 Crimson, Y-516 Pink Beige, Y-517 Light Orange, Y-518 Carmine, Y-519 Vivid Red, Y-521 Pastel Peach, Y-522 Flesh, Y-524 Maize, Y-525 Sunlight Yellow, Y-526 Pumpkin, Y-527 Orange, Y-528 Vermillion, Y-529 Scarlet, Y-530 Brilliant Orange, Y-531 Golden Orange, Y-532 Cream, Y-536 Brown Gold, Y-537 Cocoa Brown, Y-538 Terra Cotta, Y-539 Autumn Leaf, Y-540 Maroon, Y-541 Dark Brown, Y-542 Sand, Y-544 Mustard, Y-545 Burnt Sienna, Y-546 Yellow Ochre, Y-547 Coffee, Y-548 Tobacco Brown, Y-549 Burnt Umber, Y-551 Naples Yellow, Y-554 Powder Pink, Y-555 Blush Pink, Y-557 Old Rose, Y-558 Garnet, Y-559 Rose Grey, Y-560 Raisin, Y-561 Neutral 1, Y-563 Neutral 3, Y-565 Neutral 5, Y-567 Neutral 7, Y-569 Neutral 9, Y-571 Cool Gray 1, Y-572 Cool Gray 2, Y-573 Cool Gray 3, Y-575 Cool Gray 5, Y-576 Cool Gray 6, Y-577 Cool Gray 7, Y-578 Cool Gray 8, Y-581 Warm Gray 1, Y-583 Warm Gray 3, Y-585 Warm Gray 5, Y-587 Warm Gray 7

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