Ringlet Curly Clip

Ringlet Curly Clip

  • $18.00

Our ringlet curly clip can be used to add a ringlet ponytail or pigtails to any wig base! Each ponytail is attached to a claw-style clip for maximum hold.


Product Details

- Fiber: synthetic

- Heat resistance: up to 350 degrees F

- Measurements from the top of the clip:

Full length: 11 inches curled

Layered lengths: 9 inches curled


Actual wig color may vary slightly due to differences in monitor calibration. Product details are approximated.

    • Weight
      0.5 lbs
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  • Color
    Auburn Brown (30), Snow White (1001), Silver Gray (1001a), Scarlet Red (red), Saxe Blue (t4020), Peacock Blue (tf2512), Natural Black (1b), Mint Green (t5412-t5507), Lavender Purple (t3815), Indigo Purple (t2410), Hot Pink (tf2315), Hazelnut Brown (26), Flaxen Blonde (88), Cotton Candy Pink (t2333), Butterscotch Blonde Blend (88-144-18), Burgundy Red (m118l), Select a Color...