Shinobu - Wig 15'' Shoulder Length Straight Cut with Long Bangs.

  • $25.00

Our Shinobu style is a natural-looking hairstyle that gently curls at the ends for a sweet appearance.

Product Details
- Fiber: synthetic
- Heat resistance: up to 350 degrees F
- Wig cap circumference: adjustable between 18.5 inches to 27 inches
- Measurements from the crown:
Full length: 18 inches
Layered lengths: 14 inches
Bang / Fringe length: 9 inches
- Part style: adjustable

Actual wig color may vary slightly due to differences in monitor calibration. Product details are approximated.

    • SKU
    • Weight
      0.95 lbs
  • Color
    Select a Color..., Amethyst Purple (STFP20_T2410_T2512B), Autumn Orange (RED_TF2201), Buttercream Blond (60_T0809_T5404), Carnation Pink (T2311_TF2317_TF2403B), Cinnamon and Nutmeg Brown (18_10), Cool Gray (1001A_1001_T3904), Daffodil Yellow (t0848_88_t0852), Espresso Brown (M2_6_10B), Eggplant Purple (T2404_T3737_3), Holly Green (t4735_bd_t5914), Honey Blond (144_T0935_144B), Lilac Purple (T3904_T3612), Maple Brown (130_t1630_t1374), Mint Green (T5507_T5412), Natural Black (1b), Navy Blue (1B_T2512), Pitch Black (1_1b_2a), Raspberry Red (t2314_t1762), Rustic Red (T1557_118_T1338), Scarlet Red (red), Snow White (1001), Teal Green (T5126_T5127_TF2512), Turquoise Blue (t4330_t4440_tf2512)

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